Puccini Italian Interiors for what concerns the furniture production is set and works in a historic zone: Veneto. This is why we prefer to use local products like semi-finished fabrics, leather, wood and the rest from Italian factories.

It is a hard way to follow but this is the only one that let us create the real Made in Italy.

That is why our production is Made in Italy.
Made in Italy for us means not only “made” but also conceived, created and developed in Italy. This is the big difference between our creations and those which are just “assembled” in Italy.

Our productive capacity let us satisfy small and medium orders for each model. Moreover we are experts of the custom-made items for who desires something unique about shape, dimension, padding and upholstery divided in a big range of fabrics, leather and eco-leather.

The capacity and availability of our company and the quality of our creations gave us the possibility of selling products not only in Italy but also in European countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland and extra-European countries like Russia and Arab Emirates.

PUCCINI Interiors, a commitment …

The use of Made in Italy materials for our production is for us a commitment and a quality guarantee.

Our company has an ecological spirit, it chooses environmentally-friendly materials for production and disposal phases. We can guarantee that our products are composed of materials not dangerous for the health of humans and animals.